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KYC as a Service

TRUSTDOCK offers global e-KYC and an API service platform for identity verification. Already Japan’s top e-KYC provider, TRUSTDOCK uses a host of APIs to perform a variety of identity verification tasks that speed up the account opening process for any digital service provider, all fully compliant with regulations, including Japan’s new Anti-Money Laundering Act. The future for TRUSTDOCK is fully digital IDs that will quickly and reliably verify anyone, so everyone everywhere will have access to all digital goods and services.

A leader in developing digital identity

Every transaction is becoming digitalized, and this is an unstoppable force leading us into the future. Here at TRUSTDOCK, we are constantly exploring ways to make identity verification in a fully digital society technically and legally feasible, and safe and reliable for everybody. Through continuous discussion with various leaders from both public and private sectors, we are helping to shape the conversation about how a digital identity should be used to learn from the past and create the future.

We are releasing an ID shooting app that fully realizes online identity verification by linking with our APIs service. With this, TRUSTDOCK can speed up the account opening process for any digital service provider.

Beyond compliance to further fraud protection

Through our everyday operations providing identity verification services on our e-KYC platform, we are always dealing with different cases of forgery and fraud. Our digital ID app does not only meet the KYC legal requirements, but further provides solutions to prevent various patterns of online fraud. Rest assured that our app is secretly preventing fraud patterns that you probably don’t even know about yet.

Various APIs for KYC / identity verification

We offer various KYC / identity verification API services, and our product lineup is always expanding to cater to different KYC needs. Because you can decide to execute any API at any time, we e can fulfill your needs, whatever laws or regulations your business has to comply with We currently offer the following APIs, and are always developing additional APIs and databases:

Personal Verification API

Verify identity of a user by checking his/her ID document image against the personal information registered to your service.

Individual Number Acquisition API

Check both an Individual Number document and an ID document and transcribe the Individual Number according to the Individual Number Act. An environment with safety control measures is required for the operation of the Individual Number acquisition.

ID-Selfie API

Compare a “selfie” photo of a person holding an ID and the submitted ID image, and verify that the person submitting the ID and the ID holder are the same.

Supplemental Document Verification API

Strengthen user’s identity verification by checking the registered information against a supplemental document other than ID (e.g. verify address with a statement of utility bill).

Bank Account Verification API

Verify a user’s bank account information by checking the image of his/her bank card.

Legal Person Verification API

Verify identity of a legal person (company, organization, etc.) by checking the certificate of full registry records and compare against the information registered on your service.

AML/PEPs Risk Check API

Check the AML/PEPs risks by matching a user’s name against the database of your choice and screen users of your service (compliant with the AML law of Japan).

Snail Mail API

Verify user’s residential address by sending a snail mail to his/her registered address. Both a postcard and an envelope are available.

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Our law-compliant and secure identity verification service has won awards at various high profile Fintech events

The chosen e-KYC service by visionary leaders

From up-and-coming startups to publicly-listed corporates both inside and outside of Japan, businesses with an eye for the future are choosing TRUSTDOCK.

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